Planet IRM NexGen is Planet Associates next generation SaaS cloud based comprehensive Infrastructure Relationship Management Software and Configuration Management Software that consolidates, aggregates, visualizes and manages an organizations facilities, IT/Telecom, network assets, transport and connectivity data in one data repository all available in a web browser.  Planet IRM NexGen incorporates CAD, Inside Plant, Outside Plant, WAN, Data Center (DCIM), Desktop, Cable, Space, Perimeter Security and Circuit Management in one repository, providing the oversight and analytics necessary to support total cybersecurity and maintain critical operations. Planet IRM NexGen brings together data normally kept in disparate spreadsheets, CAD, and home-grown database files and point solutions to create a complete visualization of an enterprise infrastructure and IT network environment from a management  and cyber perspective.  Software is available in both SaaS and On-Premises containerized versions.
– Streamlined facility, Change, Cyber and Configuration Management 
– Enhanced Business Operations, Continuity, Cyber and Survivability Planning
– Improved Disaster and Cyber Incident Recovery
– Reduced Operation and Maintenance Cost
– Rapid Incident Assessment and Automatic Cyber Response
– Immediate Cyber Impact Analytics
– Answers to the following:
  • Where is it?
  • What’s connected to it?
  • Who owns it?
  • When was it last maintained?
  • How many services rely on it?
  • What are the power and environmental requirements? 
  • Protected Distribution System Cyber Impact Analysis.

 These IT network and infrastructure asset questions and countless others can occur on a daily basis within large organizations, and a major key to efficiency is how quickly they can be answered.
Now what if you took all of your infrastructure information and consolidated it in ONE place.
That’s what can be accomplished with Planet IRM  Infrastructure Management Software which combines:
 And all of this is easily managed starting with our Global Console.
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