What We Do

Infrastructure Relationship Management (IRM) is the practice of documenting and visually managing all enterprise assets, critical infrastructure and interconnectivity, including the interdependencies between systems, networks, users, locations, and services.

Planet IRMAI is a comprehensive Configuration Management System (CMS) that consolidates an organization’s IT/Telecom network asset and connectivity data in one repository. Planet IRM incorporates Inside Plant, Outside Plant, WAN, Data Center, Cable, and Circuit Management in one place, providing the oversight necessary to maintain critical operations. Planet IRMAI brings together data normally kept in disparate spreadsheet, CAD, and home-grown database files to create a more complete visual picture of an enterprise IT network environment.

Planet IRMAI is the ultimate replacement for disparate stove pipe programs such as Excel, AutoCAD, Visio, and Access, facilitating a centralized system that allows total asset visibility and control for:

Planet Associates consultants provide the technical expertise to help organizations streamline their IT/Telecom network asset operations and maintenance processes through use of Planet IRM software. Planet personnel have years of experience in advising clients on best practices for documenting network assets throughout their life cycle.

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