Turn IT Infrastructure Questions into Answers

Where is it?  What’s connected to it? Who owns it? When was it last maintained?  How many services rely on it? guys-with-signs These IT network asset questions and countless others can occur on a daily basis within large organizations, and a major key to efficiency is how quickly they can be answered. This brief video shows you how these critical answers can come quickly and easily: IT Infrastructure Consolidation Major Government Installations: Pentagon Renovation Program – selected by Information Technology Systems Project Office for the overall design, transition, and management of the Pentagon IT Inside Plant Infrastructure US Army Information Technology Agency – selected for the management of the Pentagon’s Inside Plant, Outside Plant, and Data Center IT infrastructure Missile Defense Agency – Planet IRM was chosen to be the repository for all cable management and associated assets throughout the entire agency US Army Korea – Planet IRM software and professional services in support of infrastructure asset, configuration and change management for the Yongsan Relocation Program (YRP) Information Technology Infrastructure NAVAIR, Lakehurst, NJ – management and visualization of IT infrastructure, including fiber optic outside plant, data communications distribution cabling, user and computing assets “Planet Associates is an outstanding company that has developed an incredibly robust and powerful tool for managing complex infrastructures over a wide geographic area. We have not seen any other product that can provide the capability of Planet IRM.” – Configuration Manager, Major US Army location Visualize, Analyze, Manage, and Maintain Critical IT Infrastructure Planet IRM is a comprehensive Configuration Management System (CMS) that consolidates an organization’s IT/Telecom network asset and connectivity data in one repository. Planet IRM incorporates Inside Plant, Outside Plant, Data Center, WAN, Cable, and Circuit management in one place, providing the oversight necessary to maintain critical operations. Planet IRM brings together data normally kept in disparate spreadsheet, CAD, and home-grown database files to create a more complete visual picture of an enterprise’s critical IT network environment.

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