Key Issues

How well an organization deploys and maintains assets and services is measured by the level of operational readiness within its technology infrastructure and by its ability to react to adversity. Many organizations approach infrastructure management using disconnected stovepipe solutions such as Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD drawings, Visio diagrams, and Access databases, making full visibility of the overall infrastructure nearly impossible. This causes delays in disaster recovery, difficulty in facilitating change management, poor network visualization, and lack of thorough status reporting.

Planet IRMAI addresses all these issues and more as a comprehensive Configuration Management System (CMS), which can bring complete visibility into an organization’s entire infrastructure – from within a Data Center, to throughout a building, to full campus facilities, stretching to the Wide Area Network, and every connection throughout. This global reach is a feature unique to IRM – where other solutions are limited, IRM can capture every element within the entire enterprise and create visualizations of each circuit pathway, cable run, and equipment dependency for full insight into the network and for use in the determination of its vulnerabilities. The Planet IRMAI application ships with a basic set of standard reports covering equipment, vendor, circuit, cable, system, pathway, location, and product library categories, all of which can be easily customized to meet specific needs.

Network element characteristics can be recorded in detail, with dimensional data for physical location fit, geo-referenced coordinates for global positioning, power usage for load studies, user assignment for equipment tracking, vendor details for warranty and replacement issues, etc. Using Planet IRMAI ‘s extensive migration tools, these details can be consolidated and imported from multiple disparate documentation sources to expedite initial implementation data entry and ensure data consistency. Additionally, the Planet CAD Converter module imports and exports Microstation DGN as well as AutoCAD DXF, DWG and SHP file detailed layer information to retain maximum data flexibility and facilitate smooth integration between IT and building facilities applications.

Every dollar invested in Planet IRM returns both strategic and tactical benefits. Strategic benefits include enterprise-wide asset control and governance, business continuity planning, crisis management, disaster recovery, and increased stakeholder value. Tactical benefits include simplified change management, lower operational costs, reduced incident response times, and compliance with governance regulations.

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