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Planet IRMAI (Infrastructure Relationship Management) is a visual, consolidated database repository of an organization’s IT/Telecom infrastructure, its inter-connectivity and associated dependencies. The centralization of this typically disparate data allows businesses to Visualize, Analyze, Manage, and Maintain their entire IT and telecom infrastructure from anywhere within their network.

Key Features of the Planet IRMAI Suite:

  • Scalable to support Global Enterprises (a Site can be as small as a telecom room or as large as the world) with drill-down capabilities linking site inter-connectivity
  • Ease of data import via spreadsheets, Visio and CAD drawings, etc, with ability to retain layer detail for various CAD and spatial file formats (DXF, DWG, DGN, SHP, etc)
  • Move, Add and Change Functionality with a full audit trail to ensure data accuracy
  • Ability to assign geo-referenced coordinates to locations and objects
  • Integration with help desk and network management tools for comprehensive infrastructure control
  • Instantly locate devices or trace physical paths to expedite troubleshooting and disaster recovery
  • Create and Maintain component relationships, with the ability to quickly replace obsolete items and retain connectivity
  • Powerful Reporting and Analysis capabilities via lists, charts, and visualizations
  • Visual “Drag & Drop” Interface to simplify use and reduce errors

 Planet IRMAI is Standards Based and Compliance Driven

  • Automated Infrastructure Management
    (AIM) ANSI/TIA-5048 ISO/IEC 18598
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
    Administration ANSI/TIA 606-C
  • Protected Distribution Systems (PDS)
    Management CNSSI No. 7003
  • AI-driven Infrastructure Relationship
    Management and Analytic Engine
  • Cyber Security Alarms, Alerts and
    Monitoring Integrations IoT, SNMP, MQTT
  • Collaborative CAD Design, and Editing
  • REST API & SQL Extract Repository
  • AI Analytics & Query Engine

Planet IRMAI Modules:

  • Planet Inside Plant maintains all telecommunications infrastructure, cabling, equipment and connectivity information. It is an open system with powerful REST APIs and SQL access support.
  • Planet Outside Plant provides the ability to manage outside plant infrastructure for campus environments and features Visual Pathway and Location Management.
  • Planet WAN allows users to maintain a full inventory of WAN circuits, channels, users, cost centers, and service providers.
  • Planet Data Center provides a complete DCIM centralized software application to manage data centers, including cable, connectivity, power, heat, capacity, monitoring and space requirements.
  • Planet MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes), included with every module, allows users to provision changes, generate work orders, ITSM integration and maintain a full audit trail.
  • iiPDF  file formats provide web access to multi-layered, up-to-date critical infrastructure data in a unique, patented and simplified intelligent PDF format for widespread distribution.

Planet IRMAI Integrations

  • Planet Associates and Fluke Networks have integrated LinkWare Live into the Planet IRMAI Next Generation software solution, allowing customers to access detailed cable test results from their physical asset network diagrams, providing a view we like to call “from network map to wiremap”.
  •  Planet Associates and BMC have integrated ITSM Helix/Remedy into the Planet IRMAI NexGen software solution permitting customers to have fully access to Planet IRMAI‘s Product Libraries (over 14,000 products), Projects and MAC functionality as well as CMDB syncing.
  •  Full functioning REST API to permit Network Management System (NMS) integrations

Planet IRMAI‘s built-in Collaborative CAD includes file conversion

Planet IRMAI provides conversion capabilities between its built-in object oriented Collabborative CAD and most of the popular computer-aided design (CAD) formats and has the ability to convert ESRI SHP and GeoTIFF files as well. Planet IRMAI easily creates new areas from existing DXF, DWG, DGN, SHP, and GeoTIFF files, thus maximizing reuse of current existing CAD infrastructure data content and greatly minimizing the time necessary for the initial population of data into the system. After Planet IRMAI is launched and in operation, a user can preview, design, customize and export its drawings in DXF, DWG or DGN format for use with other software packages. Planet IRMAI imports and exports complete layer information and provides full layer management functionality to retain maximum data flexibility after conversion.  This allows specific layers within a Planet IRMAI drawing file to be exported and inserted into various CAD formats.

Planet IRM’s Data Center Module maintains data center information as part of the entire infrastructure resource management strategy and as an individual entity, enabling users to generate reports on both scenarios.

Planet IRM manages the layers of equipment, cabling, and connections according to their actual layout, performance, & physical build. It includes complete power, connectivity, tracking, and management capabilities integrated within the module. It can also be used as a design tool, providing cost estimates and warnings to the designer if the proposed build-out will overload the circuit.

Download Turning Disparate Data into Action

Planet IRM provides drag & drop multi-dimensional rack elevations to scale so operators can trace how each service is routed through specific supporting racks, conduits, equipment, etc.

Planet IRM also integrates with SNMP-based fault and service management systems to help customers more effectively track and manage service levels. When degrading service levels sound an alarm, Planet IRM identifies the alarm’s physical location and automatically populates a work order, triggering a trouble ticket in the SNMP-based help desk system for a tech to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve problems before they violate service level agreements.

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