LinkWare Live Integration

Planet IRMAI and Fluke Networks have integrated LinkWare Live into the Planet Infrastructure Relatonship Management Planet IRMAI software solution, allowing customers to access detailed cable test results from their physical asset network diagrams, providing a view we like to call “from network map to wiremap”. 

Planet IRMAI enables users to plan, design and manage the build-out of inside and outside cable plant projects, provide estimated cable lengths and cost estimates for project budgeting.  Once the cable plant designs have been completed, Planet IRMAI generates all the required installation documentation including as-built drawings, cable pull schedules, cable termination and administrative patching reports along with cable identifiers.  Following installation cable IDs are sent to LinkWare Live for labeling, testing and certification. Upon completion, summary test data is sent from LinkWare Live to Planet IRMAI with direct links to LinkWare Live for individual test results.  Planet IRMAI fully integrates with LinkWare Live Projects and SubProjects enabling Project managers to fully check the status of jobs as tests are uploaded.  A complete suite of as-built information, CAD drawings and reports can be produced including the LinkWare Live cable Certification information.

After installation, Planet IRMAI is used to support ongoing operations.  Planet’s additional Integration with BMC Helix/Remedy means that techs working a trouble ticket in the Helix/Remedy app could instantly retrieve cable tests related to the connection in question.  A network engineer looking to upgrade a fiber link from 10G to 40G could look at the LinkWare Live report to see if it could support the new technology.

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