Planet WAN

Planet IRMAI‘s Wide Area Network functionality tracks, manages, and documents the entire physical WAN infrastructure, including frame relay, ATM, X.25, leased lines, Internet-related services, nested circuits, and channels.

Physical circuit paths can be highlighted, enabling users to verify redundancy and visualize the physical separation of network paths. Users can model and trace these paths through many-to-one devices like switches and routers, one to one like patch panels, port cards, connectors, etc.

Planet IRMAI manages nested circuits according to parent-child relationships, enabling users to trace circuit paths end to end throughout a local or global network. Planet IRMAI‘s visualization interface enables users to determine parent circuits, sub-channels, and all connected devices along specified circuits.

Planet IRMAI allows users to identify circuit usage according to user; manage and plan physically redundant networks; and coordinate billing records with actual circuit use. Planet IRMAI also has the ability to export billing information via a comma-delimited file to third party financial applications, further simplifying your network management needs.

Supports all WAN elements:

  • Circuits (OC12, OC3, T3, T1, etc.)
  • Channel Management
  • Nesting of Circuits & Channels
  • Cost Center Channel & Circuit Allocation
  • Central Office Circuit Tracking
  • Departmental & User Tracking
  • Visualization of Location Objects (Architecture or GIS Mapping)
  • Location Wizard for Circuits, Sub-circuits, & Location Objects
  • Generates logical schematics from assigned asset circuit paths
Circuit Schematic with Connectivity Detail
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