Planet IRM is proven to enhance an organization’s infrastructure management capabilities in the areas of:

Disaster Recovery Cyber Security Management
IT Asset Management Network Operations Management
User Management Service and Circuit Management
Change and Configuration
Physical Plant Management
Data Center Management  

A comprehensive Planet IRM system can encompass Inside Plant, User/Desktop,Outside Plant,Data Center, and Wide Area Network asset data and connectivity. It provides a graphical view of walls, telecom closets, riser, pathway, cable, and equipment locations, and streamlines the manual documentation and testing process by generating relationship maps. This includes drawings that show outlet locations with identifying text; cable and pathway routing information; equipment and cable dependencies; and reports describing cable pulls from each telecommunications closet. All connecting hardware, termination, patching, and cabling are included. Planet IRM even generates labels for all related elements.

Planet Associates offers a full range of design, inventory, project management, implementation, and systems administration professional services in all these solution areas. Our Professional Services team utilizes proven systematic methodologies for the design and implementation of the Planet IRM solution. Critical items are reviewed such as identification schemes, operations support processes, testing, compliance, labeling, equipment and cable installation procedures, management reports, vendor service agreements, cost accounting, etc. Our implementation specialists interface with the client project team to understand the internal work processes for change management, end user, and operations support management.

Implementing the Planet IRM solution involves documenting and verifying every element in the infrastructure. This includes the IT and telecommunications hardware and software systems, the physical building, walls, power distribution systems, etc. Planet’s Professional Services team works with the customer to define and document a customized implementation plan that meets their needs, including:

  • Site Surveys
  • Creation or Importation of CAD Drawings
  • Documentation of Horizontal Cabling; Riser Cabling; Outside Plant Cabling and Pathways; Intermediate Cross Connects; Equipment Cross Connects; Station, Network, Fire Safety, Environmental, and Security Equipment; Connecting Hardware; Circuits (Services); Users; Vendors, etc.
  • Preparation of labels and labeling of Cable, Connecting Hardware, Equipment, Pathways, and Spaces
  • Preparation of Documentation Books
  • Preparation of “As-built” drawings
  • Cable Testing and Documentation of Cable Test Data
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