Change and Configuration Management

Managing installations, Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) can be a disruptive, time-consuming and costly process for large organizations. Most modern IT organizations are taxed just to keep up with day-to-day activities. Gathering the data and resources required to implement MACs further stress IT organizations due to poor records maintenance, lack of security, and inefficient tracking capabilities in the event troubleshooting becomes necessary.

Planet IRMAI streamlines change and configuration management for administrators, technicians and operators by generating a comprehensive list of instructions and tasks required to perform MACs quickly and efficiently. From planning large expansions to adding one new end user, PlanetĀ® IRM automatically documents, schedules, generates detailed instructions, and maintains all components affected by the operation in a transaction phase until the transaction is completed and processed. Documentation is front-loaded resulting in faster provisioning, updating, and completion. Once complete, an Audit Trail is available for historic reference.

Planet IRMAI offers:

  • Automated Work Order Provisioning
  • Conflict/Task Assignment
  • Synchronization between Drawings & Data
  • Process Standardization
  • Centralized Configuration Item Libraries with detailed templates
  • Detailed Configuration Item Infrastructure Data with the ability to maintain item relationships (Users > Circuits > Services > Connectivity, etc.)
  • Detailed Audit Trails for each transaction to eliminate lifecycle management guesswork
  • Integration with Change Control Processes with the ability to provide relationship analysis of configuration items
  • Integration with Configuration Item Repository to increase configuration visibility
MAC Connecting Cable
MAC Equipment Move
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