Data Center Management

Now more than ever, businesses and government agencies are dependent on clear, actionable critical infrastructure information in order to make intelligent business decisions on a daily basis. As individuals on almost every organizational level rely on the data center to support mission-critical objectives and applications, data center management solutions must be capable of providing high levels of visibility into complex, continually changing environments.

Today, businesses and government agencies are using an array of independent point solutions to manage data center operations and critical infrastructure information. Doing so is not only proving to be cost prohibitive and labor-intensive, but it reduces access to accurate and actionable critical information whether executing planned changes or responding to an emergency/crisis situation.

Planet IRMAI enables businesses and government agencies to control costs, consolidate critical infrastructure information and streamline IT operations through a single, centralized visual data repository to:

Improve Operational Efficiency through effective task coordination. Data can be widely distributed and changes can be communicated to all required users for both tactical and strategic decision making.

Reduce Downtime though Standardized Processes with a tamper-proof audit trail of all operations for future accountability and work-order tracking.

Do More with Less via automation of many manual processes such as labeling, infrastructure discovery, plan designs, reports, and work-orders.

Improve Service Levels via better understanding the relationships of assets to services. Coupled with an automated installation, move, add, and change control process, IT organizations can reduce errors, improve provisioning and leverage added accountability.

Reduce Disruptions by quickly and easily assessing the impact of changes prior to actual implementation and perform all the necessary procedures to minimize potential disruptions. When incidents do occur, data center components can be quickly located to minimize downtime and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

Key Data Center Management Features:

  • Equipment Rack Elevation Management
  • Multi-Dimensional Power Management
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • Multi-Tiered Space/Floor Management
  • Environmental Analytics
  • Detailed Rack Elevation Port Managemen
  • Cyber Sensor Alarm Tracking

Integration with Existing Toolsets and Products
With Planet IRM, organizations can now extend value and efficiency to existing toolsets. Planet Associates provides standard integration toolkits with many industry leading solutions for Network Management (HP OpenView, Cisco Works, NetCool), Directory Services (Avaya, LDAP), Device Configuration (Cisco RME, Intelliden) and Service desk (BMC Helix/Remedy)


Rack Elevation with Equipment, Connectivity, Elevation View and Statistics
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