IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is based around a central repository that holds inventory, portfolio and contract data for every asset that is critical to achieving the business mission. Planet IRMAI‘s detailed database information and unique visualization engine allow unprecedented access and control over infrastructure assets. Without this approach, it is impossible to understand the interdependencies between these assets and the people and mission they support. Utilizing Planet IRM’s out-of-the-box MAC module reduces the requirement for physical inventories. Administrative and financial data such as maintenance agreements, support contracts and purchasing specifics are also maintained.

Planet provides total asset visibility and control through an integrated visual interface providing links to maintain the entire infrastructure. Planet IRMAI manages cabling connectivity information for data, voice, electrical, environmental, security, video, and other fixed assets. The ability to report, view, or update asset information from multiple interfaces allows users to instantly better locate, deploy, control, and document all assets as they evolve through change.

By integrating best-practice MAC procedures along with data-collection and audit plans, Planet IRMAI is able to manage every critical asset accurately and efficiently throughout its lifecycle.

  • Enhance Asset Control, Visibility and Management Capabilities across all active and passive network equipment to control over-utilization and reduce asset shrinkage
  • Manage Outsourced Vendors and Contract Deliverables
  • Integrate Service and Circuit Management to help eliminate unused circuits or services
  • Seamless Integration with Automatic Identification Data Collection (AIDC) Technologies such as RFID Tags or UCC/EAN 128 bar codes for use with asset discovery tools
  • Feeder System for Core Financial and Asset Management Systems such as Oracle Financials, SAP, Peregrine, etc.

Types of Asset Information Maintained

  • Systems
  • Racks, Wall Field, Closets, etc.
  • Vendor Management: Returns, Sales, Support
  • User Management: Work Area Locations, Equipment, Circuits, etc.
  • Circuit & Service Management: Aux, PBX, Cost Centers, etc.
  • Equipment: Telephones, Computers, Warranty, Service, etc.
MAC Manager
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