Network Operations Management

Network Operations Management is steadily escalating in complexity due to the nature of increased reliance on next-generation applications and services for all aspects of business operations. Organizations invest heavily in real-time network management platforms, but tend to neglect physical layer management, where the true backbone of the IT network lies. Surprisingly, approximately two-thirds of network failures are related to connectivity issues in the physical layer, not equipment failures. The bulk of the remaining failures are due to the complications caused by network moves, adds and changes.

With Planet IRMAI, users can:

  • Integrate multiple sources of data (Visio, Excel, AutoCad, etc) with all elements of the network infrastructure into one cohesive database repository
  • Perform connectivity analysis of the physical layer to identify vulnerabilities and plan accordingly
  • Shorten disaster recovery time by drastically reducing the discovery phase of the process
  • Manage Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) with a full audit trail of activities
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