User Management

Both enterprise and government organizations face many challenges when managing the life cycle of user assets through acquiring, redeploying and retiring equipment, and keeping track of it all for hundreds or thousands of employees. To complicate matters, different types of assets are typically tracked using multiple inconsistent spreadsheets and disparate software packages. With Planet IRMAI, user asset information can be consolidated into one application for improvement of:

User Asset Accountability: centrally manage all equipment assignments such as PDA’s, PCs, laptops, cell phones, security badges, etc. in one cohesive database

Physical Location Discovery: associate users and their assets with business functions and geo-referenced locations

Desktop Configuration Management: streamline tracking of operating systems, software loads, accessibility, revision levels, maintenance schedules, etc.

Move, Add, Change (MAC) Management: Planet IRM can be easily integrated with existing HR solutions such as Remedy and Heat to effortlessly identify all assets associated with MACs

Integrate with Directory Services: for a single point of entry across directory (LDAP) and services management

Integrate with Desktop Discovery: to reconcile desktop data quickly and easily

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